Forced Child Labor : A Fundamental Disregard For Basic Human Rights

1350 Words Dec 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Stemming from a fundamental disregard for basic human rights, the travesty that is forced child labor has become a complex and pervasive issue in the globalized world of today. Any form of child labor for monetary gain, particularly when perpetrated by a third party, should be considered “forced”. The populations that are most vulnerable to the practice of child labor are those who are often discriminated against and excluded from society (e.g., girls, ethnic and racial minorities, lower classes or castes, the disabled, displaced persons, and those in rural areas) [1]. In many countries, cultural norms, along with socioeconomic status and education, are key determinants of child labor – with poverty and economic instability playing a pivotal role in shaping the market for forced child labor [1]. Furthermore, inadequate laws prohibiting children in the labor force and the lack of enforcement of these laws can be attributed to widespread corruption within legislative, judicial, and police departments. Consequently, forced child labor contributes to the perpetuation of poverty, resulting in a vicious cycle of vulnerability and tragedy.
Financial gain is a major driving force in the recruitment and subsequent exploitation of children in the workforce. In a quest for high profits, large corporations in developed countries coerce and incentivize businesses in developing countries to manufacture goods at such cut-rate costs, which can only be produced through the use of grossly…

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