Food Stamps Are Good For The Economy Essay

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For a long time, food stamps have been a controversial topic. Some people believe that food stamps are bad for the economy, there are a lot frauds, and that people do not benefit from food stamps and the program should be cut. People for food stamps are saying the complete opposite. They believe that food stamps are good for the economy, frauds are imaginary and that people do benefit from food stamps and that the program should still continue. I believe that food stamps are necessary because the people that need food stamps make way below the average income.

Food stamps also known as SNAP was first created in 1933 with relation with the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA). It was most often mentioned as the Food Surplus Relief Corporation; it was created during the middle of the Great Depression because prices of crops declined greatly, farmers did not know what to do with the excess crops.The Federal government assisted them by the basic goods at a discounted price and distributed them to hunger relief agencies in the US. Henry Wallace established the Food Stamp Program which was created for the distribution of food and to use difference efforts used by local relief agencies. The Food Stamp Plan was established by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. Help was provided to the low income citizens by the purchasing of food stamps and also bonus stamps that was used to purchase food that there was a surplus of. The program ended after World War II, because of the economic boom that…

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