Essay on Food Stamps And Its Impact On The United States

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In the article I read it talked about how the House of Representatives just passed a bill that would cut the food stamp budget by 40 billion over the next five years. SNAP is the actually problem most people call it food stamps, so for this paper I will refer to it as food stamps as not to confuse anyone. This bill would also improve the requirements that people need to meet to gain food stamps by elimination so called “loop holes” in the system. Ever since the depression and The New Deal social programs such as food stamps have been scrutinized, both for being good and being bad. Even when it was first introduced this program was a greatly debated issue. In this paper I will analyze how this event now is related to the past in the scope of public opinion. Although born out of the great depression food stamps were temporary back in the 1930’s. Although the program did come back into existence in 1964 when Johnson signed the Food Stamp Act. Ever since that day there have been millions of people receiving aid from this program every year. When the great depression was just starting the government was very reluctant to start and fund in welfare programs in the text book there is a quote from Hover quoting Cleveland that says “The government should not support the people…federal aid…weakens the sturdiness of our national character.” Even with great opposition to federal welfare programs the country needed them, because America was going to fail without their strong citizens.…

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