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Is the Food Stamp Program a Substantial Contribution to Childhood Obesity?

Is the Food Stamp Program a Substantial Contribution to Childhood Obesity?
Is the rising rate of childhood obesity within the United States affected by the food stamp program? This is the question that formulated the basis of my research. Looking at the rising statistics of obesity rates within America’s youth and researching why the weight of the United States community is significantly passing those of its surrounding countries. In researching this topic I hope to determine if the food stamp program is in any way responsible for this increasing health issue. As the years progress the health of today’s youth is rapidly decreasing. Although the
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This program allows its recipients an allowance of food stipend once a month in the form of a card. Any of the coupons are redeemable for food at designated grocery stores or markets to those who are considered to be below the poverty line. (Baun, 2011 p. 624) The food stamp program is hypothetically responsible for increasing obesity within the United States because it leads to an increase in food consumption. There are no requirements or limitations on the foods that can be purchased using food stamps. This allows food stamp recipients to make unhealthy food choices, leading to an unhealthy diet and ultimately an increase in weight because of the extreme calorie intake (Baun, 2011 p. 624). Being more than the suggested weight for your height is considered overweight or obese. Obesity is a disease solely because it is capable of causing various health problems, such as heart disease, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, and strokes. The food stamp programs assistance in increasing obesity in the United States’ youth will ultimately affect them in their adulthood as well.
Charles L. Baun (2011) supports my hypothesis in his article “The Effects of Food Stamps on Obesity (p. 623-645)”. Arguing that the food stamp program has a significant responsibility in the increase in obesity, Baun researches the diet of food stamp recipients and gives data indicating how the food stamp program raises the obesity rate by promoting poor food choices. The limitations placed

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