Food Security At The South Pacific : Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Food Security in the South Pacific: An Annotated Bibliography
Silke Groeneweg

What are the effects of climate change and subsequent rising sea levels on food production and security of the inhabitants of islands in the South Pacific? In the past few decades, climate change has become a bigger concern for researchers and the public alike. For the inhabitants of small island nations in the South Pacific, there is no issue more pressing or potentially detrimental to their lives.
Scientists, policy makers, government officials and Pacific Islanders have all recognized the consequences of a warming climate and realize the need for action. Several organizations and researchers are dedicated to advocating for policy changes and creating programs that will help inhabitants of the South Pacific Islands. Many governments have reacted to these concerns and have begun implementing policies; however, many South Pacific nations have not done enough to protect the people of their country and their livelihood.
The sources below describe the factors that have contributed to the size and severity of the problem. Several of the sources highlight the power governments to help slow the decrease in food availability and how their decisions can affect the lives of all Islanders. Barnett (2007) discusses the role of governments and criticize their handling of the South Pacific economy, which has seen a recent influx of cheap and non-nutritious food. United Nations for Women (2014) focuses on…

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