Food Pollution Essay

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Developed countries bleed food waste, while the rest of the world cries of hunger. In an increasingly globalized world, the loss of food waste contrasted with millions of people suffering from hunger is a painful paradox. This enormous wastage exists at the same time as one billion people in the world are suffering and dying from hunger. The act of food waste looks normal in our society; it seems that the people are forced to throw out what is no longer useful. Everybody can see how people have the luxury of throwing away the food that they choose not to eat. Most of the time, people throw away food just because another person does it, forgetting that food is sacred. The sad part is that they know what they are doing. Every day around the world, …show more content…
So, that the problem of food waste can tuning into a solution for millions of hungry people. People waste billions of dollars simply on wasting food, it is outrageous and it needs to be resolve as quickly as possible. Because what people think of as garbage might actually save someone 's life.
Americans Wasting Food.
"American households throw away about $640 each worth of food every year" (Hadley Malcolm, USA Today, 2015). Every year without fail, tons and tons of food is being wasted as well as millions of dollars. "In the USA, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month" (Food Waste: The Facts p.1). People spend a lot of money on food that ends in a trash can. An article of the New York Times, stated that, “A report shows that about 60 million metric tons of food is wasted a year in the United States, with an estimated value of $162 billion" (Ron Nixon, N.Y. Times
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Looking at food wasting from a restaurant point of view, the average person will think that food industries such as the restaurant business are wasting tons of food that could be reused to provide for the less fortunate. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Restaurants saves tons of food that is still consumable to give it to the less fortunate. Day in and day out, restaurants have enormous amount of food gone untouched or uncooked, and instead of throwing it out, the edible food goes to a program of good use called the "food recovery program" (Sustainable Food Trust p.1). Restaurant businesses are saving themselves so much food and money by not wasting food and providing for the ones who cannot support themselves. Money is not the only form of donation. Donating food to prevent wasting is highly relevant because that meal being preserved could save a life. The restaurants that are preserving food for donation are able to save some

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