Food Insecurity In Congo Essay

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The Republic of Congo is one of the poorest developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa which half the country’s people live below the poverty line and the DRC ranked 27th out of 79 countries on the Global Hunger Index(2012). 64.8% of the poorest people are living in rural areas where they earn a livelihood as are small-scale farmers and fishers. So Congo is one of most extremely influenced in the world by food in security. The targets for achievement the Millennium Development Goals (MGD) was to be implemented from 2007 to 2012. In this report, causes of food insecurity in Congo are found to be poverty, natural disasters, and the brutal civil conflicts, disrupted economic activity. So the causes of these factors have affected
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70 percent of population lacks access to adequate food, while 1 out of 4 children is malnourished (WFP, 2012). Mostly of the rural population is engaged in agricultural activities, livestock and ocean fisheries. Because rebel activity dramatically widespread in the east of the country during the 2011 presidential election, which lead to 97 million people are displaced. Deterioration of food security is the effect of armed afflicts. According to the latest Emergency Food Security Assessment (2012), 42 percent in North Kivu of people are suffered from food insecurity since the recent violence provinces has happened between the harvest and subsequent planting season. In addition, there are 4.4 million People affected by food insecurity which stem from years of war and political turmoil. So malnutrition is another serious insecurity issue due to armed conflict, which about 43.4 percent of children under 5 years of age chronically malnourished or stunted and Twenty-three percent of children under the age of five and 14 percent of women are underweight. So malnutrition is crucial issues caused by food insecurity, resulted in twenty-nine percent children and adolescents out of school from 5 to 17 years old, of which fifty-three percent are

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