Food For Thought : Food Essay examples

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Food for Thought Throughout the world there are various problems that deal with food. A lot of these problems have to deal with the fact that the food we eat is not always what we should be eating. According the the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 34.9% of adults are obese in the United States of America. If it were my decision, the food we eat everyday would be much different, and it would also definitely be healthier and more inexpensive. Instead of advertising food such as the junk we see on everyday television, there would be a lot more advertisements for fresh produce, proteins, farmers markets, and more healthy foods. The way the rate of obesity keeps climbing is unacceptable and it must decline if we are to become a healthier America. Fruits and Vegetables are where we begin to start eating healthier. Not only are fruits and vegetables abundant, they also taste great and do not cost that much money. In a study on they found that since 2000 the rate at how many people eat more than two fruits and three vegetables a day has decreased what was already a low number. In 2000, 34.4% of Americans ate two or more fruits on a daily basis, but if you fast forward to 2009 that number has dropped to 32.5%. Vegetables have also had a slight decrease, decreasing from 26.7% who ate three or more veggies a day in 2000, to 26.3% in 2009. In my household, I find that we always have fruit and vegetables, and not only that, but we have an…

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