Fo Ritual Analysis

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This body of work was inspired by two things: my fascination with wearable art (such as the pieces created by artists, jewelers or costume designers like Debra Hampton, Rob Elford, Katie Hovencamp, Jeffrey Dever, Melinda Risk, Sandra Wilcoxon, Alexander McQueen or Bob Mackie), and my interest in the rituals that are used by different religious cultures, whether they are monotheistic, polytheistic, centered in animism, or based solely upon plant-induced visionary experiences. I have always felt most drawn to spiritual relationships that are based in nature, such as those used by adherents of Native American or Wiccan belief systems. At the same time, I am attracted to the proceedings and the sacred objects that are used for Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, and many other religious ceremonies. …show more content…
Ritual contains three wearable pieces which are to be donned during the ritual- a gown, a ring to be worn on the left hand, and a cingulum (Latin for belt) to be wrapped around the waist and used during the ritual to designate a protective circle upon the ground as per Wiccan tradition. In addition, this body of work contains a slim case hung upon the cingulum which contains the grimoire ("grimoire" is derived from the word "grammar." A magical text or guide) that explains the sacred objects that are needed, the chants that are to be said, and the actions that are to be taken during each stage of the ritual process. This grimoire is written in an invented language inspired by Germanic runes, the Hindi alphabet, Native American alphabets, and documents like the Voynich Manuscript and 18th century enlightened manuscripts. The final object in this series is a small locked cabinet which contains various sacred objects and tools which are to be used during the

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