Flowers For Algernon Literary Analysis

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The Costs of the Special Operation

Imagine that there was a way to take an IQ of 68 and triple it to 203. In the story Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, a man named Charlie goes through a special operation that causes his IQ to triple! He is a 37 year old man who has trouble spelling, reading, and more. His IQ used to be 68, that is, until he went into the special operation that caused it to triple to 203. Along the way, he goes through tests and one test is a maze against a mouse named Algernon. Charlie and Algernon soon become friends. However, the results of the operation has more costs than benefits

There are many costs to Charlie getting this operation. First, when he became intelligent, he forgot everything that he had learned as fast as he learned it because his brain was deteriorating. In the text it states, “Deterioration progressing. I have become absent minded” (Keyes, 240).This shows that he is starting to lose his intelligence and he is becoming like he used to be, naive to the world around him. So, one cost is that his brain is slowly deteriorating.
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In the text it states, “Mr. Donnagan showed me the petition. 840 names, everyone connected with the factory,” (Keyes, 234) and “Mrs. Flynn looks at me funny lately like she’s scared of me” (Keyes, 231). This shows that they don’t know how he has gotten so sharp-witted, so fast and are scared about how he possibly could have gotten so intuitive. They also can’t keep up with how fast it is happening. That cost is pretty depressing because he lost all of his friends. The costs are just getting worse, for all we know, he could leave his home for

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