Flowers For Algernon Character Analysis

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What Mentally Challenged People Feel And Realize

Is it really worth the shame of making fun of someone who is mentally challenged? No, yeah some of us might have done it but it doesn't mean it's right.In “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old man who has been mentally challenged ever since he had an operation which was supposed to make him more intelligent, but it only worked for a little while.He realized during the operation that many people that he thought were nice weren’t actually nice and that people made fun of him.After this operation he realized that it might not have been the best idea, but he would definitely do it again to expertise everything he gain like finding true love, being way
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The movie Radio resembles Flowers for Algernon because both Charlie and Radio had the same mental capability. Radio was shunned from society, and society really didn’t care. Radio was verbally abused and teased by some of the football players for a while, but at the end they ended but liking Radio and also wanted to help and be around Radio. Although Charlie wasn’t shunned from society, he still was verbally abused too. Charlie’s friends at the bakery used to always verbally abused him , but never really actually shunned him from society.They used to invite him to parties just to make of him in front of everyone.For example the one party they made him drink, and made him dance with one of the girls.Another example there was the other party and they told him to show the girl his brooming skills while he was drunk and he fell and everything. They always still talked to charlie even if it wasn’t such a good thing he still had people talking to him that he called his friends.

In conclusion, Charlie Gordon is a mentally challenged man who didn’t notice how poorly treated mentally challenged people really are until his operation, once he realized then he wanted to help everyone who was mentally challenged. Daniel Keys helped one see this by making the story line Flowers for Algernon. Now, maybe that we all can see how poorly treated the mentally challenged people really are, maybe then people will not make fun or laugh at someone that can’t help being mentally

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