Florida Dade College Is An Institution Of Higher Education Essay

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Miami Dade College has grown out of scale to become an institution of higher education with one of the largest enrollment rates in the country. Since its opening in 1960 the number of students has been ever-growing. Today, over 92,000 undergraduate students sit in its classrooms. Just as enrollment has increased, so has unrest on campus. Many students complain that there is not enough parking or a wide variety of food on the menus . Others find that the college does not provide enough room to study indoors and that student services leave a lot to be desired. Finding solutions to these problems is indispensable to protect the experience of its students and its staff.
One of the problems that students have been complaining about in Miami Dade is the limited selection of food that the school provides. There are only two locations that provide food: the Koffee House and the cafeteria. In the Koffee House you can find Hispanic pastries along with Cuban sandwiches, all day long, every single day of the week. There is a time when the same thing gets tried. The cafeteria does not offer a wide variety either. No brand name food nor change, every day is the same sandwich bar, salad bar and the so called “fast food” bar. For students attending the Kendall Campus, picking what to eat comes to a minimum, and for those who eat on campus almost every day, deciding can be hard. Deciding due to a vast variety of options is one thing, which is not the case here. Students at Miami Dade have…

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