Florence Nightingale Impact On Nursing

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Florence Nightingale, a pioneer nurse, went against her parents and her upbring, by becoming a nurse and going to war, and this decision had changed the way of nursing. She has done so many amazing things to nursing. Nightingale was born into a pretty wealthy family. Her father was a wealthy landowner, who had inherited two estates. Her father had raised her and her two sisters, on one of the family estates her that he had inherited. Her mother had come from a family of merchants and had a high social standing. Nightingale and her mother hadn’t always gotten along. Nightingale was awkward in socializing, unlike her mother. Nightingale had a good childhood. Her parents were in the “higher class”, so she had a lot compared to other back …show more content…
She wrote a 830- Page observation analysis report. She was proposing new ideas to the other military hospitals that were under poor conditions. Nightingale had finally left Crimea in the summer of 1856, and went back to the town she grew up in. When she got back, she was surprised with the wonderful welcome that she had gotten. The Queen gave her an engraved brooch, known as the “Nightingale jewel”, and gave her $250,000 as a reward. Nightingale had used the money to fund St. Thomas Hospital, and inside of it she had the Nightingale Training School for Nurses. She became a huge inspiration to all the young women who wanted to become nurses. Nightingale had made nursing no longer frowned upon by the upper classes, and more young women in the upper classes started becoming interested in nursing. Some attended her training school. The effects that Nightingale had was enormous. She had literally changed the meaning of nursing. She had gotten “Crimean Fever” and wasn’t able to ever fully recover from it. For the rest of her life she was bedridden. She had gotten this fever at age 38. She never stopped working though. She was working from her bed. She even held interviews from her bed. She had published, “Notes on hospitals”, which was a book basically on how to run and keep a hospital

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