Florence Nightingale As A Nurse Essay

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Florence Nightingale as the “original” nurse, and has led the path for all nurses since. Florence was born in 1820 in Florence, Italy and that is where her name came from. Florence was born into an upper class family, but she felt calling from God to help. With that calling Florence wanted to train to become a nurse, and after some convincing to her parents in 1851 she went to Germany to train as a nurse. In 1854 the Crimean War began and that is when Florence began to really shine. Florence began her work in military hospitals and taking care of injured soldiers, and teaching other nurses the importance of cleanliness. (BBC, 2014) There are a total of six artworks that make up the Florence Nightingale exhibition. The exhibition layout main eye focal is the two arts that consist of Florence surrounded by her patients. The upper artwork in the middle would be The Mission of Mercy: Florence Nightingale receiving wounded at Scutari (Barrett, 1857). The lower artwork in the middle would be the Florence Nightingale by the London News (London News, 1855). On the left side of the exhibition is the two portraits of Florence Nightingale herself with the picture on top and the bronze on the bottom. Since you read left to right the exhibition shows Florence by herself and you can see what Florence looked like. Then on the right side of the exhibit you will see on the upper right portion is Lady with the Lamp (Rae, 1854) that shows Florence tending over a soldier with her lamp that…

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