Florence Nightingale As A Leader Essay

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Florence Nightingale is a leader who had greatly contributed to the nursing profession. For many years she has inspired and changed the view of nursing in the medical science world by using her intellectual skills she had acquired throughout training to care for the sick. Her passion and dedication to care for others taught nurses all over the world that nursing is a calling and it’s not for everyone. Without compassion, empathy and patience, a nurse in uniform will not be able to perform his/her duty to take care of others. Her great mentality and commitment to excellence has made her an outstanding leader in the nursing profession. She is chosen for this research paper because of these notable characteristics that an excellent leader has (Ortiz, 2013). .
“Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, Florence, Italy.” She was known as the “foundational philosopher of modern nursing, statistician and social reformer.” Her responsibilities included managing the wounded soldiers of the Crimean War, providing bedside care, bathing, and feeding and supporting them through the hard time. She also trained women to be nurses on top of that. After experiencing several spiritual moments with God, she knew she wanted to do something to help human suffering. Unfortunately, her wealthy family did not approve of her passion of wanting to help others by nursing. They viewed the profession was inappropriate for someone with her status. Despite her family’s disapproval of her passion for…

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