Flint Vs. Flint 's Economy Essay

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Flint, Michigan is a rather small city of about 99,000 people, with a majority (56.6%) of the population being African American and about 41.6% of residents living below the poverty line. Once the home of the United States’ largest General Motors plant, Flint’s economy suffered a major blow when General Motors downsized during the 1980s. A low budget, contaminated water source, and outdated infrastructure have led to a water crisis in Flint, Michigan which is a danger to local residents in regards to public concerns for health, loss of confidence in government, and a larger deficit.
Once General Motors downsized their plant in Flint, Flint’s economy went downhill. Many people lost their jobs, which in turn forced many people into poverty. In fact, Flint is the “second most poverty-stricken city in the nation for its size.” With many people living under the poverty line, the city rapidly lost money needed to pay the wages of city workers. The city quickly fell into a financial crisis. In 2011, Flint’s finances projected a $25 million deficit. Therefore, the city turned over its finances to the state of Michigan. From this point on, the city mainly relied on receiverships and emergency loans. The whole situation has become so grave that in early January of 2016, President Barack Obama declared the water crisis in Flint a federal emergency in order to free up $5 million in federal aid for the city.
In 2001, Michigan ordered a clean up of about 134 polluted sites, which…

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