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Travellers that fly regularly has come to learn when to buy the cheapest flight ticket. They have the experience and by flying regularly they have come to learn the little tricks of obtaining the cheapest flights. What if you're not a regular traveller and your budget is limited?

As many travellers that have bought flight tickets has found, buying the cheap flights can be quite the gamble. Buying a ticket too soon you might miss out on the specials that airline carriers announce before your flight date. If you buy your flight ticket too late, you might end up paying more than you would a week ago. Not even to mention the chances that flights are sold out before you have a chance to book your flight.

It would be great if flight prices would
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According to CheapAir this is absolutely a wrong believe and just that, a myth. spend a year to analyse about 3 million trips and flight ticket prices. The test started about 320 days before and ended a day before their departing date. The results is astounding and divided into 5 groups.

The Best Time To Buy The Cheapest Flights -

1. The "First Dibs" Window (197 – 335 days)
Most airlines start to sell seats on their flights about 335 days into the future. Generally, ticket prices are high when they are opened but prices tend to come down as time goes by. There's quite a few pros for booking tickets in this window. You will have the option of choosing between a wide range of flight options. During this window you can book direct flights to your destination and can choose to fly at any specific time. Seat selection is also quite easy as you have dibs on the best seats available. Most window and aisle seats are available without it costing you more. Ticket prices is on an average about R800 more than the "Prime Booking Window".

2. The "Peace of Mind" Window (113 – 196
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In many cases, they end up losing the match and you are left bitter and frustrated. This is also true when searching for the cheapest flights in this window. Ticket prices can cost about R3 200 more than the "Prime Booking Window" if you buy them about 7 days before your flight date. To increase frustration, you will have to choose a time that doesn't suit your travel plans and a seat position you don't want. You can expect to pay at least R1 200 more for your flight ticket when booking a flight 7 – 13

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