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The centre will be a unique one in Qatar as it will make available all necessary equipments for swimmers and sportsmen in one place and near to locations where the target people are always coming. The target market for FINIS focuses mainly on young adults, women and men who are health conscious, that means that the target market of the FINIS is every person who cares about his health and wants to practise swimming and appear in nice garment. Also the FINIS stores not only will attract customers who are looking for swimming clothes and equipment but also who look for fashion and being trendy and smart. The brand wants to establish itself as a “swimmers attraction”. FINIS is going to attract people to its stores by its innovative store design and variety of choices.
At the start, our sales projection is to have a noticeable presence in the market and contract with clubs and sports centres and we aim to achieve successful beginning.

The business has competition because there are some companies that perform similar tasks such as sports corner and Galaxy sports . However, our company will have a better advantage as we will only be dedicated to these kinds of sports and swimming equipment . The owners of the project will be myself , Mohammed and my friend Hassan . The future for this business seems to be promising for great success and the economic , social and legal

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