Finding The Love Of Your Life By Dr. Neil Warren Essay

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Choosing a mate is life’s single most important challenge, says Dr. Neil Warren on page two of his book, “Finding The Love of Your Life.” In the 161 following pages, Dr. Warren explains through ten principles why the selection of a spouse is of utmost important. These critical principles were formulated based upon his experiences as a psychologist. He found that the search for a future spouse is often thought of lightly, but this pursuit is not a matter of luck, nor should it be done in jest. Dr. Warren believes that there are skills involved in selecting a spouse and that once these skills are developed by the application of his ten principles, the divorce rate can decrease. The central theme that his ten principles center around is that a wise decision about a future spouse can be made, but it is up to the individual to decide to make it. Emotions are fickle, feelings fade, but Warren promises that by following his ten principles, marriage can still be magnificent. Warren describes marriage as a partnership. A life investment with a man who likes what I like, who thinks the way I think, and who works as hard to make the marriage succeed as I do. Yet, above all else, thoroughly loves me and contributes to my growth and self-esteem. In order to find this life partner, I have to choose the right man. Warren’s first principle advising to Eliminate the Seven Most Prevalent Causes of Faulty Mate Selection will help prevent choosing the wrong man. The task of marriage is…

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