Finding Happiness Through Adaptation In Fredrik Backman's A Man Called Ove

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Finding Happiness Through Adaptation Bountiful theories have been developed overtime by students, journalists, scientists, and more on how to find joy. Some argue that you can’t force happiness while others insist that it is a feeling to be made. Whether happiness comes naturally or must be made depends on the temperament and perspective of each person who seeks it. When obstacles are thrown into peoples’ paths some get hung up while others brush them off as temporary eyesores in an overall wonderful picture. Through study of publishings by professionals and the life of Ove in Fredrik Backman’s A Man Called Ove, it is clear that the extent to which one is happy is largely determined by his or her ability to adapt to external stimuli using both external and internal factors. Psychologists Singh and Goyal draw attention to the …show more content…
Money can be helpful be a helpful tool for happiness when used correctly, but it is never a stand-alone source. Psychologists and sociologists of the 2011 documentary Happy mention many studies that show that poor people can be jubilant while rich people can be miserable. One of the most heart-breaking segments in Happy is when a woman speaks of the death of her husband by Karoshi, or being overworked. The family could have survived if he had a lighter job, but Japan’s culture pushes the notion of a life of minimal downtime and much work to have the biggest net worth possible. This is why Japan is statistically one of the least happy places in the world (Belic). Japan is juxtaposed to the Namibian tribe in Africa, where the indigenous people barely have material to cover their bodies and live on dirt floors. These people are immensely happy, because they choose to put their focus on simply being together (Belic). Ove doesn’t place importance on wealth, but on the other hand, his knack for strictly following a traditional and simple life hurt him. One must work to find a

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