Finding Deep Meaning Of Film Essay

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Finding Deep Meaning in Film As was demonstrated in my analysis of Uys’ (1980) film, the techniques used for biblical interpretation may be used not merely for biblical interpretation or as a means to read literature as an example of the modern parable. These techniques may also be used to the interpretation of film as a medium of communication. Rosenberg, Lucchesi, Boardman, Vinson, Flynn, and Derrickson’s (2005), The exorcism of Emily Rose, provides a wonderful platform for examining these techniques as it is fraught with meaning, should the viewer take time to peel back the layers of the onion. Rosenberg et al. (2005) tells the story of the death of Emily Rose and the Catholic priest who is charged with the negligent homicide. On the surface, the film takes the film takes the form of a modern blend of horror and thriller. While the films foundation is placed on courtroom proceedings where prosecutors seek to prove that Father Richard Moore’s advice caused Emily’s death by complicating an existing medical condition and that his actions ultimately placed him as the person of guilt (Rosenberg et al, 2005). The defense on the other hand, sought to present the case that Emily was possessed by demons and that the exorcism that Father Moore conducted was not the cause of her death, but that it failed to protect her from possession (Rosenberg et al, 2005). The plotline of the film then seeks to balance to methods of inquiry. “If the priest is correct and the girl was…

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