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1. Introduction to Corporate Finance

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Chapter 1
Introduction to Corporate Finance
The Video Product Company designs and manufactures very popular software for video game consoles. The company was started in 2002, and soon thereafter its game “Gadfly” appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine. Company sales in 2003 were over $20 million. Video Product’s initial financing of $2 million came from Seed Ltd., a venture-capital firm, in exchange for a 15-percent equity stake in the company. Now the financial management of Video Product realizes that its initial financing was too small. In the long run Video Product would like to expand its design activity to the education and business areas. It would also like to significantly enhance its website for future Internet sales. However, at present the company has a short-run cash flow problem and cannot even buy $200,000 of materials to fill its holiday orders. Video Product’s experience illustrates the basic concerns of corporate finance: 1. What long-term investment strategy should a company take on? 2. How can cash be raised for the required investments? 3. How much short-term cash flow does a company need to pay its bills? These are not the only questions of corporate finance. They are, however, among the most important questions, and taken in order,

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