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Ting Gu, Liyan Jin, Shuyi Chen, Jiawei Cheng, Yuchen Wu

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Introduction/Overview of Zen Hotel Inc. (Liyan Jin)
The Culture of Our Target Market (Liyan Jin)
Motives of entering the Chinese markets (Shuyi Chen)
The method of the Entry
The Timing of the Entry
The Scope of the Entry
The Marketing Mix (Ting Gu)
Human Resource strategy (Ting Gu)

Executive Summary

Introduction/Overview of Zen Hotel Inc.

Our company Zen hotel Inc. offers exclusive boutique hotel experience to consumers who expect a luxurious
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Due to the trend of boutique hotels, our company plans to go global and enter the Chinese market. The motives behind our action can be explained through several factors. In China, the consumption level is getting higher. However, many young people cannot afford the expensive cost of luxury hotels but they still want to enjoy a trendy and young environment. Therefore, boutique hotel would be a blue ocean in the Chinese market. In addition, there is not that much boutique hotels in China yet. Therefore, this would be a good market niche to enter.

The culture of our target market
According to the textbook, the author states a basic difference between doing business in the West and doing business in China. In the West, the contract law regulates business transactions. On the other hand, in China, “personal power and relationships or connections, rather than the rule of law, have always been the key to getting things done in China, which is the concept of Guanxi.”(Charles, P91). Hence, in order to operate a successful business in the Chinese market, our company should try to build Guanxi with the existing domestic hotel groups to do business effectively in China. Another alternative is that we can set up “consulting” firms, which offer mobilizing their network of Guanxi to help Western

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