Essay on Finance

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Accounting: Accountant’s (sometimes called: Controller) primary function is to develop and provide data measuring the performance of the firm, assessing its financial position, and paying taxes. The accountant is responsible for preparing financial statements such as the income statement, balance sheets, and cash flows. It is normally passive work, in the sense that, the work has a very independent nature to it such as preparing forms and financial statements. It is a good job for people who want to work independently and are very organized (this is only a very brief description, if you are interested in accounting, consult your accounting instructor for more information).

Finance: The financial manager or consultant places primary
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In addition, finance is important for generalists seeking careers in organization planning, management consulting, general line management, and small business management. Students seeking careers in the industries of health care, public and nonprofit management will also benefit from a strong knowledge of finance.
Analytical finance such as risk management, investment, and derivative securities provide a more rigorous understanding of financial modeling, the theory and tools that underlie modern financial practice (derivative finance is sometimes called Financial Engineering.). International finance provides the quantitative and analytical foundation for a career in financial analysis, with an emphasis on the international aspects and economic foundations of financial theory and practice. A thorough understanding of the theory of financial markets is combined with institutional detail, hands-on experience with financial analysis, and familiarity with financial applications.
What courses to take depends a lot on your own background, interests, experience, strengths, and weaknesses. Having taken the finance core will leave you with a solid understanding of the key building blocks of real-world finance. The other core courses are crucial elements of this foundation. Firm valuation, corporate finance, investment banking, and most sell-side jobs require

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