Finance 1 Part a Essay

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EFB210: FINANCE 1, 2012 S1 Assignment: Part A, Financial Mathematics and Security Valuation _______________________________________________________________________________________
General Information
Marks: 10
Weight: 10%
Format: Short Answer with workings
File Type: Excel (.xlsx or .xls)
Due: 29 March 2012

Upload soft copy of your Excel file to Blackboard under Assessment on or prior to the due date. Assignments submitted after the due date (late assignments) cannot be uploaded to Blackboard. Instead, they need to be emailed directly to Mark Doolan ( Unless prior approval for late submission is granted, late assignments will incur a penalty.

To avoid mixing up assignments, you must name
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6.5. Note that you may need to select override grade if the student has submitted multiple assignments.

* Comments report incorrect questions and indicate ticked cells in the CRA matrix. E.g., Wrong Questions: 1, 5 & 6. Excel Error: Formatting. CRA Matrix: K = C, EXCEL = D * CRA matrix guidelines * K = Subject Knowledge * HD = 8/8 and 7/8 * D = 6/8 * C = 5/8 * P = 4/8 * F <= 3/8 * EXCEL = Excel Use * HD = 2/2 * D = 1.5/2 * C = 1.5/2, same mark as D but highlights that more errors were made * P = 1/2 * F <= 0.5/2

* Students will get feedback by comparing their assignment with Excel solutions and written solutions below. * This marking guide will be released to students one week after the assignment due date. * I will handle all assignment reviews. * Please let me know if you have any queries or concerns.

Each question is worth one mark and you must get the question correct to be awarded the mark, which means that there are no part marks for incorrect answers. The remaining two marks are awarded for your ability to use and format your Excel document as per the Finance 1 Excel formatting document.

Question 1

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