Final Reflection: Improving Communication Skills In The Classroom

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Final Reflection
Imagine this, you are in a classroom and the instructor walks in. He starts his lecture full of energy. Everyone around you is engaged, and comfortable with one another. You are in a safe place and you feel encouraged and embraced by your peers and instructor. This scenario is possible. Instructors and other youth-serving professionals need strong communication skills in the class room in order to be effective educators. What can we do to make this situation better, some may ask? Youth- serving professionals need to better their communication skills with youths to fully capture their engagement and educate.
Based on my experiences in this course and the assigned readings my current understanding of what it means to be
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We need to make sure all the students are reached. We can do this by moving around the classroom, instead of standing in one spot. One thing I learned from my instructor this semester, is to try to stay away from PowerPoint. We as educators need to build an engaging classroom. We can build lesson plans that require the youth to lead in the classroom, instead of the teacher always leading. Making sure all the students feel comfortable in the classroom is important as well. Creating an inclusive space that accepts all types of students is another thing I learned. This could pertain to our lessons reaching all three learning types, auditory, tactile and visual. Stimulating all three of the learning types will make sure every student will grasp the material. Other ways to be an effective youth-serving professional is to be accepting of all student backgrounds. This includes all racial groups, all sexual orientations, wealth levels and more. We need to be able to balance all of these aspects. We need to hold ourselves to the same expectations we hold our students. I have also come to the realization that there is no way one can be prepared to be a youth-serving professional. It takes experience, and practice. Some skills come naturally and others you will have to …show more content…
I grew up in a very complicated situation. I had so many doors shut in my face due to my background. I have learned how difficult things can be dealing with people who are rejecting and closed-minded. I will never be that way with my students. These two skills may be simple, but will be very helpful to me as I try to be an effective youth-serving professional.
As an educator, I think I would do well at effectively teaching my students with respect. I plan to be a high school art teacher. I am studying and perfecting my skills as an artist. I am also studying and perfecting my skills on communication and educating. I know I will never be perfect, but the stronger I build my skills and the more experience I gain I will be effective at what I do. I have a strong heart and a willing mind, and will accomplish what I have set out to do. Teaching is my passion, and working with students has been my goal. To have the opportunity to serve my students is truly a

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