Final Exam Sample Questions Chp 1-7 Essay

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Final Exam -- Chapters 1-7

I have placed the Final Exam and the Final Exam Answer Sheet on the Home Page of the course. Download the Final Exam and Final Exam Answer Sheet to your computer. Please submit your completed Final Exam Answer Sheet in the Assignment Drop Box located in the Assignments section of the using the following file name format: "lastname _final_exam.doc" (for example, "smith _final_exam.doc"). The Final Exam Answer Sheet is due by Friday, 1/21/11 at midnight--no exceptions.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. The real meaning of relationships is usually made up from:
a.|everyday talk and nonverbal communication|
b.|dramatic events that
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Scholars use quantitative research methods to gather information in which of the following forms:

____ 13. Textual analysis is an example of which type of research approach:

____ 14. Gary is conducting an organizational communication study by using two different methodologies. He is giving the employees a questionnaire and he is also reviewing the minutes of the company's Board meetings over the past three years. Gary's research approach is a good example of:
a.|distributive methodology|
b.|quantitative research|
d.|qualitative research|
e.|hybrid methodology|

____ 15. Whiteness studies are an examples of research conducted in which field of communication study?
a.|Organizational Communication Studies|
b.|Mass Communication Studies|
c.|Performance Studies|
d.|Public Communication Studies|
e.|Intercultural Communication Studies|

____ 16. Don goes to class on Friday but the instructor is not present. The teaching assistant announces that the instructor is ill and there will be no class that day. When Don comes to class on Monday, he notices that students are handing in an assignment to the instructor. He discovers that the TA told students that even though there was no class Friday, they had a homework assignment to

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