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Convergys Origination
Amie Rainbolt
University of Phoenix
February 07, 2012
Thomas Baine

Convergys Origination
Even though if a company has no organizational structure, function, or design it will fail. Convergys organizational structure is unique when compared and contrasted with two different organizational structures because; organizational functions influence and determine the organizational structure, and organizational design helps determine which structure best suits the organization’s needs. Because of the below process and procedures Convergys continues year after year to be the leader in customer service and a fortune 500 company.
Convergys has 75,000 employees and clients in more than 70 countries, speaking
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Governor, Inspector General, Secretary, Government Counsel, Law Enforcement, Deputy Secretary, Directors, Management, State Lands, and Districts. This organization structure is different because they are governed by different laws. Each of these organizational structures is different because each of these companies does different jobs and has different responsibilities as an origination or as a government agency.
Organizational design such as geographic, functional, customer-based, product, service, hybrid, matrix, marketing channels, and departmentalization helps determine which structure best suits his or her organization’s needs. Convergys has a different organizational design for the United States projects than it does for the international projects. Convergys organizational design is a formal, guided process for intergrading their employees, technology, and information. Our Organizational process acts to improve the success of Convergys employees and company. Our directors and managers work together through calibration to create procedures and processes to guarantee the systematic process is followed and this encourages creative thinking among the departments (Autry, 1996). This is why our organizational designs are a creation of strategy for each project based on the geographic location, department function, customer-based, products, services, hybrid, matrix, marketing

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