Film Theory And Its Impact On The Future Of Film Essay

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With the evolution of technology rapidly increasing and becoming more and more advanced, in correlation, the accepted knowledge concerning film and media are also changing just as fast. Since the birth of the cinema and Hollywood style movies, many philosophers and theorists have shared their knowledge concerning film theory. However many theories are having to be updated and even ruled out due to the advancement in technology. For many years these theories were commonly accepted with minor changes. Not only does technology affect film through technical and aesthetic ways, but it also has awoken many questions involving political correctness and the reflection of film in popular culture. Scholars are researching the public’s attitude and behavior towards these changes and evaluating their long term effects on humanity and the future of film theory. With such a wide array of films and products of media, film has drastically changed since its creation, thus raising the skepticism in the application of film theory to future film and media products. With this in mind, popular culture is directly reflected in the evolution of modern film theories.

In each piece of research the authors, in one way or another, examine the origins of film theory and begin to compare them to modern technology. The authors agree upon the idea that film theory needs to be updated and or expanded to fit modern times. In order to change, advance, and produce cinema there had to be an understanding of…

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