Film Suburban Americ Problems And Promises Essay

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I had the opportunity to watch the documentary film Suburban America: Problems and Promises (9/2011). It was an overview of how the American suburbs have changed since they were planned and built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The changes that focused on were political, aging infrastructure, ethnic, social, and redevelopment with an emphasis on creating a more sustainable vision. Looking at the current condition of many suburbs, it became evident to the film maker that the suburb as designed and built was not a sustainable development. The film’s content and people interviewed the film maker is reaching out to a variety of stakeholders, which includes college students (tomorrow’s leaders), politicians, developers, planners and those who populate suburbs today.
This documentary was intended to enlighten on the how the suburbs have changed in the past 50-60 years in terms of aging infrastructure, the ethnic culture, social pressures, and most of all politically since the film’s interviews were interwoven with a local election, and the 2008 presidential election as backdrops to film’s main content. The viewers were shown what issues exist, and added support with some examples in various cities across the Country. One profiled was the ethnic change which was discussed as visits were to Muslim-American, Latino and Asian-American communities. This made the case for why suburban developments as intended are not a sustainable plan. That set the final message up as the need to revise…

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