The Role Of Racism In The Workplace

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Will it Ever End?
One thing that makes me furious is racial terminologies used in the workplace. Hatred in the work force is an unseen virus that spread like wildfire. Some managers expressed freely their personal view and others share comments in a joking matter, either way it is very disrespectful. The inappropriate comments and unfair treatment affect the work performance of an employee. The development of racism has shown face everywhere in today’s society. History has provided appeal evidence of cultural, racism is the main point of misconception. Although, the definitions of the two are seemingly diverse, the underline issue is animosity based of variances of religion or skin color. This issue has disturbed people, effected communities,
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By the late 17th century laws that enforced separation of interracial marriages in North America further pushed the line of hatred. Hatred reached its peak as laws were implemented to justify the permanent subordination toward blacks and mixed off-springs. During the turn of the century, the creation of the superior white race reinforced the contract between the Africans as well as the Natives and the Angelo-Saxons. As the color lines of race were constructed, Angelo-Saxons assured themselves as the superior race and their qualities, skin-color, and religious preference drew secular racism. Angelo-Saxons turned their efforts to religious preferences. Aryans defined Christianity to be the highest order next God and the Jewish community was seen as “polluting” the purity of the Aryans through …show more content…
African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic have struggled for equality for several decades. The 1960’s civil rights movement assaulted the segregation and discrimination within the United States through protested, sit-ins, marches, and boycotts, where societies refusal to accept segregation. Laws such as the Equal Opportunity Commission Act of 1964, was to prevent and enforce unlawful discrimination in the workforce, but in reality mask the true feels of managers. Many organizations conducted their protests with nonviolent resistance such as the Million Man March, The Freedom Riders, and Bus Boycotts. Even though efforts of change has left scars in our history books, the fact still remains, failure of these efforts are only apparent to mostly African American and other cultures. Unseen tension imitates within the suburban communities as more and more are attempting to better their jobs, living, and

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