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Film Review: Mindwalk If a good movie is one that makes you think, Mindwalk must be superb. However, I haven't even read the book it was based on and I can say that the book must have been better. The actors are laughable, and the physicists' accent changes with each new scene. Furthermore, the transitions to each scene are as smooth as sandpaper. The purpose of this movie wasn't, and with good reason, to be glamorous though. As many of our "Hollywood" movies are. The fast action, sex, blood, money crazed movies that we all love. The fact that Mindwalk was based on a book also gives some explanation to the choppy scenes, as many omissions were probably made. Financing played a role in the actors chosen for the movie, a kind of …show more content…
A way of thinking that the physicist thinks would better suit people now is "ecological thinking". People have to get a firmer grasp of reality and realize that every problem is related to another problem, and another, and so on. She mentions a personal empowerment of knowledge, and if I am interpreting her meaning of this correctly, not too many people embrace this idea. Knowledge is all to often associated with money and how much of it you have. Knowledge is power, but I think to many of us have the wrong meaning of "power". If every doctor had an ongoing file of each patients diet, and then gave healthier suggestions that intern the patient followed; we wouldn't have a need for the tons of prescription drugs that pharmaceutical companies hammer out each year. Or the health foods we spend so much money on; because of the marketing techniques that give us the insane idea that we must all be size 3, or whatever. Omitting the fact that those models may very well still be obese, their body fat percentage is well above the average person. Knowledge is power. Acquiring the knowledge of how to lead a healthy life would start the web of solving many of our problems. The discussions in the film revolve around personal anguish, and questions about the poet, the politician and the physicist's own lives. And, as each new point or argument is given, a question is also given. And, the answer to this question presented which in turn is presented by

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