Essay on Film Production : A Part Of American History

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Film production has been a part of American’s history since the 1900s. Hollywood became hugely industrialized during the 1930s and 40s. (Sardar, Ziauddin, 44) It all started with motion picture. Film Production is one of the great American achievements. The industry has grown and increased up to this day. The Process of Film Making isn’t too easy. What are the essential steps involved in film production today?
Film Production includes all aspects of the production itself. There are five essential steps to film production, starting with development, to pre- production, production, post- production, and finally movie distribution. These may seem straightforward steps but each and every step has much more then meets the eye.
Development some people call “development hell” (“A Professional Approach to Screenwriting & Filmmaking”) is probably the step that needs the most thought. Without the development there’s no production. This is when the film takes shape and the main elements are established. Story development is a main part of this primary step in Film Production. The process will always differ but the most straightforward film production always starts with writing a screenplay. The writer needs a clear vision of the structure, plot, characters, and scene outline before they begin the screenplay. Most writers know that one draft is never enough. “Great scripts are not written, they are re-written,” (Magnor, Marcus A.) Before having a screenplay ready, almost all…

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