Essay Film Analysis : The Movie ' The Godfather II '

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In its 80 minute runtime the film makes no attempt to create continuity between the seemingly self contained episodic cuts in order to create a plot driven narrative. Nor does the film seem concerned about character development. This unorthodox technique made it hard for me to follow the movie, as I am more attuned to the traditional formulaic Hollywood style of filmmaking. I spent the first 25-30 minutes waiting for the plot to unfold. Yet, I now realize that it is the omission of a plot that makes the film brilliant. Unlike in the Godfather II the film does not depict a mans rise to power, nor does it show an epic struggle for independence like in the Battle of Algiers. Rather, it simply depicts the mundane lives of people who are rarely portrayed in movies. There is no epic tale to be told, the audience is simply popping in unannounced on this neighborhood and this film is what we have observed. The quick cut editing style leaves the viewer feeling that there is no sense of time. Perhaps this is to suggest that for Watts, time is irrelevant that what we see in these 80 minutes is the reality of their situation at any given moment and will continue to be today, tomorrow and forever. It does not matter when or where the camera begins to roll, it will capture the exact same conditions. This presents a raw, visceral insight of the lives of poverty stricken black People in America.
What little cohesive story the film has seems to focus on the loss of Stan 's masculinity.…

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