Film Analysis : The Beginning Of Film And Cinema Of Attraction

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The beginning of film making is important event that has helped shaped our media in today’s society. Back during the early 1900’s, the world was dramatically changing and this process needed to be captured. Through early pioneers who accepted a challenge to change the way citizens view the world, they found a way through different styles to capture the changes of the world with film. These pioneers used their creative minds to bring their personalities to life with the films they produce about different social and economic changes during that time. The history goes back to the emergence of urbanization, industrialization, and leisure activities. With the growth of cultural modernity there was evolvement in technology to produce equipment to capture these moments and portray it to an audience. When the idea of film came about as a way to shoot a film that represented American history and culture. There are two types of film styles introduced in the beginning of the film movement is narrative and cinema of attraction. The cinema of attraction is a film style that is centered on a spectacle or attracts attention such as a house burning down or going to a theme park (Gunning, Grainge, 13). The other film style is narrative which is a film style that uses the use of storytelling to make a movie. While the direction of a cinema of attraction film is to be a presentation, the direction of a narrative is to be representative. Some of the early innovations of transcribing real life…

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