Film Analysis - Sin Nombre Essay

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Film 1070
1 September 2013
Film Analysis/Personal Reflection: Sin Nombre The movie, “Sin Nombre” directed by, Cary Fukunaga, is about the story of a young man, by the name of Willy, living in Mexico, whom is a member of the gang known as “MS”. This film makes its audience familiar with the struggles of the journey for immigrants trying to make it to America. Willy’s commitment for the gang turns redundant when one of the other gang members murders his girlfriend. A series of events occur in conclusion to the murder of his girlfriend, which forces Willy to flee the country. The story starts out with Willy looking into a spectacular painting of a natural pathway with nature and beautiful trees off to the sides. I believe this to mean
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He tries to rape her, and when she resists, Lil Mago murders her. Lil Mago, Smiley, and Willy all go on a mission together, to help raise money for the gang. While they are in the process of robbing a few people on top of a train, whom are in the process of trying to make it to America. Lil Mago has a gun to a young girls head, by the name of Sayra, where he then tries to rape her. Willy see’s his chance for revenge, intervenes, and murders Lil Mago. He then sends smiley to go back. Sayra, later thanks him for doing what he did by giving him food and water. Meanwhile smiley makes it back to the gang and informs them of what has happened. El Sol, the new leader, is furious of what has happened, and believes that smiley had something to do with it. To prove his Loyalty to the gang, he is sent to find and kill Willy. Sayra and Willy become attached to each other as the movie goes on. He is helping her and her family make it to America successfully. Willy knows that the gang is out to find and kill him, so he must detach himself from Sayra and her family. So, indeed, he does leave, but Sayra followed him. Sayra is later informed that her uncle was caught and deported and that her father had died. In the closing seen, as Willy and Sayra are finally crossing the border to America, the gang had caught up with Willy. Smiley is the first one to shoot him down, as he proves his loyalty to the gang. Sayra makes it into America but is left with nobody but her

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