Film Analysis Of The Movie '12 Years A Slave'

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Established readers are more likely to fall in love with the authored interpretation of any marvelous memoir. Various faithful readers use their ingenuity to portray the characters, setting, and the plot how they want to. However, with film adaptations, the audience has to accept what the director’s imagination came up with. In the screenplay 12 Years a Slave, directed by Steve McQueen, the readers have to accept Steve’s adaptation to Solomon Northup’s account of his life. This is people one of the issues that comes up when people compare the two productions of the drama. Movies additionally focus more on the theater aspect of the memoirs rather than the actual accounts that Solomon discussed in his insightful anecdote. There is fundamental …show more content…
The appeal that he put on the movie was strictly to produce more revenue, and publicity for his movie. They would often show Epps tormenting and brutalizing Solomon and his fellow enslaved people. Nevertheless, in the art world, it is perfectly traditional to leave room for the director and his staff to exaggerate the different accounts in a biography for an immense dramatic effect. For example, Solomon was actually sold to the uneducated Tibeats from Ford in the life story of Solomon. He was cut out of the rope by Mr. Epps, and couldn’t be killed by Tibeats. He wasn’t allowed to be killed until he was actually compensated for by his previous owner, but he still continued to work for Tibeats. In the movie they hung Solomon all day in the heat, and he was struggling to maintain his balance on his toes. Then anyone who attempted to help Solomon would get in a lot of trouble. He thereafter began to work for Mr. Epps once again. While talking with patsy one day Solomon complained “Tibeats is even more morose and disagreeable than usual.” (Northup 164) Mr. Epps owned Solomon for nearly a decade of his twelve years as a servant to the South’s slave society. The movie entirely left out the chapter where Solomon recalls his father’s owner was a lawyer. The showed Henry Northup showing up to pick up Solomon, but they didn’t show how his relative even began to know where he was. While walking wearily to the carriage, Solomon whispered “Relative of the family in which my forefathers were thus held to service…” (Northup 254) He said this to explain how the man who had come to retrieve him are related at

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