Essay Film Analysis of the Constant Gardener

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Stephanie Ralston

Film Aesthetics and Analysis

In the film, The Constant Gardener (Meirelles, 2005), the use of editing helps to convey a central theme of uncertainty. Another important theme that arises in the film is justice. Uncertainty progresses into a revealing of truth that leads the protagonist to seek justice. The plot follows a young woman, Tessa (Rachel Weisz), whose murder provokes her husband, Justin (Ralph Fiennes), to explore the corruption of the drug company Tessa was trying to discredit while she was still alive. The cuts in many of the film’s scenes are straight cuts that give the scenes a chopped up feel and further add to the theme of uncertainty. The insert shots as well as the use of flashbacks help to
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When Justin meets Bernard (Bill Nighy) for lunch there is a diegetic insert of a statue in the restaurant. As Bernard is speaking, the viewer sees a shot of a robust statue, with bullets strapped across its chest and a sword at its side, pointing mightily at another statue. The statue that is pointing is of a full body and is black (representing Arnold (Hubert Kounde)) and the rest of the statues are chest up only and are white (representing Bernard, Sandy, and Kenny Curtiss (Gerard McSorley)). It’s as if Arnold is showing Justin that Tessa was right all along.This scene shows Justin beginning to realize the corruption taking place around him and that Bernard may have had something to do with Tessa’s murder.

The reaction shot from Justin, when Kenny makes a snide remark comparing Justin’s wife to a bitch, marks a turning point in the film from Justin’s uncertainty to a desire to bring justice to the situation. His face does not just show anguish and confusion anymore; his expression is vengeful and primal. Another turning point occurs during the scene where there is a cutaway with the train and Justin. During this scene, the viewer sees Justin, through his performance, decide to believe in Tessa and to avenge her and justify her death. Next, the flashbacks of Justin and Tessa when they first met, happy and so in love, are crosscut with Justin mourning

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