Film Analysis : Armadillo, And Photographed By Lars Skree Essay

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Armadillo, (Mentz, 2010) is a Danish documentary focusing on a small platoon of soldiers as they go to Afghanistan to complete a tour of duty. Directed by Danish filmmaker Janus Metz, and photographed by Lars Skree, the men spent six months with the troops at their base called Armadillo in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. Armadillo is a film revealing the young volunteers experiences of the highs and lows of combat. This essay will discuss the filmmaker’s techniques and the various ways in which he structured the story and whether his techniques allowed him to express his viewpoint.

Documentaries are thought to be one of three basic creative modes of film. While neither narrative fiction nor avant-garde, documentaries are often the work of individual filmmakers and are based on or re-creating an actual event, era, person or situation, containing no fictional information. In the early decades of documentaries, films focused on things other than the human condition, such as love, relationships or feelings (McLane, 2012). Early films created in the late 1800’s still managed to portray actuality items and did not use actors (Barnouw, 1993). Generally in documentary film making, regularly about something specific and factual; documentaries are traditionally focused on public matters rather than private. However in recent times, this approach has been challenged. A second aspect, focusing on the purpose, viewpoint or approach, is what the filmmakers are aiming to explain…

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