Figuratively Blind Analysis

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When looking at a public figure or hero, we usually see that person as being strong physically and mentally. They can understand what is going on and can sense if something is wrong and if it can be fixed. On the other hand, when someone is figuratively blind, they are looked as being weak or confused. That they don’t see fully what is happening in front of them and due to this they don’t have power; This type of thinking is present is both stories like books, and in everyday society. Since the though process of these figuratively blind people is different compared to a normal person, it is looking as being negative. But this is wrong, people who are figuratively blind have more power and control of things around them, compared to regular …show more content…
“The blind leading the blind” (Matthew 15:14) refers to the idea that the leader is only as knowledgeable as his followers and supporters. This refers that both the leaders and people following are figuratively blind, but with both put together they are powerful and authority. An example of this is in current politics. There are many ideas and theories that Donald Trump says that the public agree or disagree with. Donald Trump is figuratively blind and many people think that he should not be the president of the United States. But the fact is he appeals to people because he thinks and talks different that most people are afraid to say aloud. That is why Donald is our president, his way of thinking is different and people agreed with him after seeing his views. Even now that he is the president he is still figuratively blind to the issues going on. But that does not affect how much power he has. Just like Trump the people who support Trump are figuratively blind as well. John Tsilimparis in his article Donald Trump’s Followers: A Blind Rebellion says “What we are seeing is a “blind rebellion” spawned by unexamined anger and fear. I say “blind” because Trump’s voters are being duped by his outrageous and impossible promises.” They don't see what Trump offers and what he will do in the future. But these Trump supporters had enough power to get Donald Trump elected, even if they are figuratively blind. This is not the first time that leaders with power are figuratively blind. The fact that a person that is figuratively blind cannot see the problems they are causing gives them a new thought process compared to others who see the problem and don’t do

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