Feuerbach's Ideas About Religion

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Discuss your reaction to Feuerbach 's ideas about religion (pages 360-362).
I found Feuerbach’s ideas about religion very strange to me, because I am a very religious person and I believe that God created all of us, not the other way around. As Feuerbach explains it he believes that, us humans, created the image of God in our minds. I agree with him to a certain extent when he talks about how we are divided into two selves. The two selves that make up our actually selves are- the way we are- and the idealized self- the way we would like to be. I agree that we have two selves. We do see ourselves as the way we are and we do see ourselves as a way that we see ourselves improve in the future and become a better humans. Feuerbach believes that
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He does not believe God is God and accuses him of spying on him. Bruce kind of makes fun of God and is disrespectful when he tells Bruce that he is the one and only creator. Then God shows Bruce how powerful he is and Bruce is astonished. The representation of God in this film shows that God is a human like us and knows everything about us as individuals.
In the film "Evan Almighty", Evan does not want to build an ark for God because he would rather want to focus on his life. God laughs at him when he wants to focus on his life because it is not God’s plan. God tells him to change the world he needs to do one act of random kindness at a time. So by persuasion from God, Evan decides to build the ark for God. In this scene the representation of God is also as a human like us and is calling upon Evan to complete the task of building the ark for him.
In the scene from the movie “The Ten Commandments” God is speaking to Moses form the Heavens you cannot see him. God speaks in with a powerful voice that makes Moses bow down to him. God commands Moses to bring his people out of Egypt. God’s representation in this movie is different from the other two. You cannot see him and he is speaking to Moses in a strict way commanding him to get his people.
The last video clip “Oh, God” there was no volume to hear what was being

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