Feudalism And The Middle Ages Essay

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Feudalism made it 's way when the Carolingian dynasty started to gain more land. The reason it started was because people needed a source of protection. And with this the higher classes helped the lower classes with protection and land. The lower classes helped by giving work and working long hours, as much as they could for their land owners. The social structure in the Middle Ages was based around feudalism.
Feudalism, the political system in which nobles were granted the use of lands that belong to their king, for that they received their loyalty, military service, and the protection of the people that lived on the land. It was basically multiple sets of relationships that helped each other out and affected each other. Feudalism managed to work by people operating together and help each other by promises of loyalty.
In the Middle Ages you were born into a class system and you usually stayed in that system. The people believed that God had them in that class system and that there was a reason they were there and should be happy they are in that position. It was too hard to move out of that class system because if you were a serf with no money and not a lot of resources it would have been extremely hard for you to get in a higher class. At the top of the feudalism pyramid was the King. After the King came the Vassals, who were the most powerful and most wealthy landowners including nobles and bishops. A Vassal was a person who received land from a lord and for that land…

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