Fetal Alcoholism And Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

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Each year, every one in seven hundred and fifty infants is born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is an inherited syndrome that results from the mother consuming too much alcohol during pregnancy. There are many issues that result from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which include a smaller head size and behavioral problems. There are also significant stories from people living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that explain how this syndrome effects their everyday lives.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading known preventable cause of developmental and physical birth defects. If a mother drinks alcohol during her pregnancy her fetus is at risk of mental and physical deformations (WebMD, 2000). As previously stated, each year it is estimated that one in every 750 infants is born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol effects (FAE). The characteristics of FAS are: low birth weight, small head circumference, failure to thrive, developmental delay, poor large and small motor skills, behavioral problems (Kids Health, 2016) and the list goes on. Children with fetal alcohol effects have similar symptoms, but to a lesser degree. Alcohol is a toxin and when consumed by the Mother during her pregnancy is passed through her blood stream to her unborn baby via the placenta. It can damage the growth of the baby’s cells, brain and spinal cord cells. There is not sufficient evidence on how much or how little alcohol an expectant mother can drink before it affects the…

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