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Ferrets, similar to cats, are obligate carnivores (meat eaters). They can't survive without having meat in their diet. Although having fresh raw meat is part of the ferret's natural diet, it may include harmful parasites and microbes that create risks undesirable to pet owners. Only part of their diet is meat, because when predators eat their prey they eat not only the muscle meat but also liver, kidneys, and intestinal tract, and bones as well. If they were limited to just meat it would cause damaging and ultimately deadly dietary imbalances.

What do Ferrets Eat? Not Dog Food. Ferrets will eventually die of malnutrition if fed only dog food. A number of nutrients not present in commercially made dog foods, are a requirement for obligate carnivores. Addition, commercial dog food has high levels of carbohydrate and at these elevated levels ferrets are unable to process them. Simple carbohydrates, protein, and fat is where most of their calories should come from. They have a fast metabolism so they need a concentrated diet and can not eat
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Ferrets can become hooked on a certain flavor or brand of ferret food and this makes it very hard to substitute food, even if the food they like is nutritionally insufficient. It is imperative to start young ferrets on a well balanced diet that will not possibly become sold out in the future. Mixing three different feeds of quality ferret foods is the greatest insurance maybe even a high quality feline food. They will have a diversity of flavors and not become accustom to one flavor or become as finicky with a variety of flavors. If you are stuck in a situation where only two out of the three foods are available you will be okay because you no longer have a picky ferret. You also must remember that a big change in diets may cause diarrhea as well as stomach and intestinal problems. I hope this article answered all your questions and concerns and now you will able to satisfy your all ferret's

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