Essay on Feminist Psychology And Psychiatric Treatment Of Women

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Karen Horney, a medical professional from Germany, had an early interest in psychoanalysis. Horney studied with Karl Abraham, a protégé of Sigmund Freud, however Horney came to disagree with a handful of Sigmund Freud’s theory, including his interpretation on the psychology of women. Horney believed that Freud had a “male bias in psychoanalytic thought”, Horney then introduced the concept of womb envy or the envy in which males feel due to the their lack of the ability to get pregnant, nurse, or be a mother ( Through focusing on feminist psychology and psychiatric treatment of women, Horney is commonly considered the founder of feminine psychology. Horney is most known for her conflicting view of aggression, power, and sex with Freud, as well as, her revolutionary theory on neurosis (“Karen Horney Biography”). Karen Horney’s theory describes how imperfect worlds cause individuals to seek specific neurotic needs, these neurotic needs can be better interpreted through three strategies, moving toward, moving away, and moving against to cope with the anxieties individuals face. Through studying Karen Horney’s theory, we can get a better understanding of complex individuals; including the fictional character of Lorelai Gilmore in the television show Gilmore Girls.
Lorelai Gilmore, the mother in the television show Gilmore Girls aired from 2000 to 2007, is a young mother raising her teenage daughter as they simultaneously grow up and navigate through life in…

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