Essay on Feminism : The Single Wave Of Feminism

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Since the third wave of feminism began in the mid 1990’s, similar to a rebirth in feminism, it became the norm for people to be more concerned with and speak out about women’s right issues that women have the burden of facing. With more people also learning more about the fact that feminism is based on the principles of fairness, instead of misandry, a lot of people became more comfortable identifying themselves with a feminist label. And for that reason, it doesn’t surprise most of us to hear celebrities endorse the belief, or to hear Patricia Arquette discuss the wage gap in her Oscar’s acceptance speech for her role in Boyhood. Her powerful words were met with cheers from the crowd, as she was shown to be yet another voice supporting the idea of a needed change towards a more impartial future. However, it was her backstage conversation at the Oscar’s where she went further into her “feminist” views, that left some offended and others, unfortunately, not so surprised. Arquette was quoted saying,

“It 's inexcusable we go around the world talking about equal rights for women in other countries ... and we don 't have equal rights for women in America.The truth is even though we sort of feel like we have equal rights in America, there are huge issues that are at play that really do affect women. It 's time for all … the gay people and people of color that we 've all fought for to fight for us now” (Puente).

Patricia Arquette’s remarks were problematic for many reasons, but…

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