Feminism Is Not No Longer Necessary For Equal Footing Across The Board

1114 Words Sep 25th, 2015 null Page
Throughout the years, the feminist movement has ebbed and flowed. It typically flows with a specific goal in mind, such as women’s right to vote, or official legal inequalities. Third-wave feminism is ignored because many people are under the impression that first- and second-wave feminism accomplished all there was to accomplish, and that men and women now stand on equal footing across the board. Unfortunately, quite often the only people aware that we still lack inequality are those who are treated unequally. Because of this, third-wave feminism is often assumed to be fighting for women to be raised above men, or it is viewed as unnecessary. One of the largest misconceptions among feminism is that it is no longer necessary because we have moved beyond sexism, that sexism and other forms of inequality don’t exist in this day and age. This assumption is unfortunately made by people who neglect to look at any women aside from middle to upper class, white, abled, straight women. The reality of the matter is that while these white, monetarily safe, straight, abled women have made a huge amount of progress in fighting off oppression, they are still not quite at the same position of men who fit the same qualifications, and the fewer of these “qualifications” a woman meets, the lower on the totem pole they stand, and therefore the more oppression they face. Patricia Hill-Collins chose an especially poignant quote from Nancy White that I believe sums up that general status of…

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