Feminism And The Feminist Movement Essay

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In the past few centuries, women have taken it upon themselves to combat the misogyny they faced by speaking up through any form, and that included poetry. Feminists would speak about the objectification and commodification of women, embracing their sexuality, and acknowledging the intersectionality of other identities such as racial and sexual identity. Poetry has been used for years to make political statements, so it should not be surprising that women would use poetry as a medium to voice their opposition to gender inequality. Rita Dove, an influential contemporary feminist and poet, writes poetry that reflects the systematic oppression of women that has been going on for centuries in poems such as “Fox” and “Adolescence-II” to further the feminist movement.
To understand the context of Dove’s work, you must have some form of understanding of feminism. In its simplest form, feminism can be described as the social movement fueled by women’s desire to remove men from their position of power and obtain respect as well as equality. In the beginning, the term was coined primarily for women’s suffrage in the nineteenth century but the movement has evolved to be the practice to free all women-women of color, working-class women, poor women, women with physical and/or mental disabilities, nonheteronormative women, and old women –as well as the most privileged of women: white, financially independent heterosexual women. Society works in a way that keeps men in a position of…

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