Feminism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Eco-Feminism has raised due to the concept of Androcentric a concept that places man as the centric structure and leaves items such as women and the environment under forms of oppression. Androcentric primarily originated in the 16th century when mass colonization and European exploration occurred in which not only exploited women across Atlantic cultures, but also environments spanning across the Atlantic. As a result, women and environment were placed below man and were placed out of the centric structure and into the peripheral.
As a result of this a group in the peripheral raised, the feminist. Ultimately, Feminism is an attempt to undo the exploration of women and place women and men on the same footing. By implementing Feminism, women are placing themselves out of the peripheral and bringing themselves into the center. Feminism is present in political groups such as the Green Party, the Democratic party, and most notably through Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In the chapter Anthrocentirsm and Androcentric by Val Plumwood, she states Feminism “is focused on androcentric, phallocentric, as theoretical alignments of its centric aspect of sexism (Anthrocentrism and Androcentric Page 328).
In the book Eco-Imagination Africa and Diaspora Literature and Sustainability Rita Dandridge examines how the local environmental crisis in a poor southern United States town underlies other proles manifested in race, class, and gender relations.” (Eco-Imagination Page 6). Rita…

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