Essay on Feminism And Its Impact On Society

1047 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 null Page
Growing up in a small town in Northern California, feminism wasn 't a term frequently used. When it was used by mostly elders, I could hear the disgust and disdain in their voice when they spit out “feminism”. At the time I did not have a clue what feminism was. Since I was a child, my mother was the breadwinner; therefore she supported my family financially. However, my father is very strict on the roles women and men play in my household. I was always taught to do the cooking and cleaning because it was what girls did. While on the other hand, my brother was raised to play sports and be tough like a man. From what I have experienced, social, political, and economical power has been in the hands of men. Within my home structure the person in control was my father; he has the iron fist. Outside of my home, I witnessed men had more opportunities as well as control on what went around. I was always told I was a girl and that mathematics was a subject for boys therefore my teachers discouraged me to go into a mathematics major. In addition less women are in the STEM field because they are taught that science and computers, as well as technology is only for men, and they will mostly likely be unsuccessful. It also prevented me from doing other things like joining student government and other school clubs because it was only for boys. Although my dad raised me to be feminine and “do what girls do”, I was very opinionated about how women are treated in society. In high school,…

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